Boilie Making Machine Boilie Roller
Boilie Making Machine Boilie Roller
Boilie Making Machine Boilie Roller
Boilie Making Machine Boilie Roller
Boilie Making Machine Boilie Roller

Boilie Making Machine Boilie Roller

£350.00 £360.00
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Roll diameter: 200 mm

Roll / board working length: ~400 mm

External dimensions (without handle): 475x260x360 mm

Shipping to UK and some countries in Europe is already included in the price.

Video - how it works


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  • Warranty. Our products have 24 month warranty for personal users and 12 month warranty for professionals from the selling date if the product has some manufacturing defects. The personal users are people who make boilies/baits for themselves. The professionals are people or companies who make boilies/baits for selling purposes.‚Äč If our products do not work using your dough it's not a reason to ask for a refund. Just try to make your dough more suitable to our products. We can't guaranty that the machines will work with all kinds of dough. If a customer is not happy and wants to change their machine to another one, the customer must pay the difference of prices between machines, including shipping to both sides and any custom fees that can occur during the changing process.
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  • Manufacturer. The manufacturers of these products is UAB "Topas LT" and SIA "Midland Carp".
  • Patents:  BoilieRollerPellets makerBoilie LabDocking StationBoilie Lab PROCutting Unit.
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